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Leadership Clariti


Leadership Development Program in Ottawa

Clariti Group is now offering a leadership development program for new managers in Ottawa, ON. Leadership Clariti is a five-month developmental program designed to build leadership competencies and capacity in people managers new to the role (up to two years of experience leading a team).

This is a critical time for leadership development as the habits, perceptions, and beliefs leaders build in this formative period create the basis of their leadership style – supporting (or sabotaging) new leader effectiveness. This program guides participants as they:

  • Understand their current leadership strengths and any opportunities for development.
  • Build specific competencies in the areas of trust, connection and influence within their team.
  • Create a working environment based on shared meaning and purpose, supporting organizational goals.


More information on the Leadership Clariti program coming in summer/fall 2021!

Elements of the Program

Throughout this five-month journey, participants will work with a certified and experienced coach, each other, and directly with their team and organization to embody what they are learning. It’s broken down into five sections:

Self Awareness:

To begin, each participant receives an Emotional Intelligence Leadership Assessment (20 minutes, completed online) and debrief (coach-lead, 1-hour in person or via video chat or phone) to understand their strengths and any opportunities for development, to frame their time in the program and empower them to set customized goals that support growth.

Build New Competencies:

Participants then attend four half-day, coach-lead group sessions (held once every four weeks), exploring key leadership concepts, and practicing new competencies together.

Build New Capacities:

Participants set individual goals at the close of each group session, identifying a new leadership habit they commit to building over the next 30-days with the support of an online habit tracking tool, providing commitment check-ins and optional peer support.

Leadership Impact:

In between each session, participants run assigned team building activities with their teams, (30-minute team discussions, designed to make learning actionable) posting their outcomes and insights in a secure online group chat forum (consisting of the other program participants, moderated by the coach) supporting and learning with each other.

Clear Results:

To close the program, participants receive a second emotional intelligence assessment, and their results are compared to the first, clearly identifying areas of growth and new leadership capacity.  The  participant then presents his/her development through the program to their manager and team (guided by an optional presentation template they complete).

Employees Attending a Seminar in Ottawa, ON

Course Curriculum

Each session is designed to deliver theory (based on best-practice leadership models) and practice the theory through group activity, ensuring participants are comfortable moving from practice to implementation with their team. Over four sessions, we’ll touch base on values of conversation, building trust, facilitating growing team culture, making time for passion within your team and your work.

This program is designed using the principles of emotional intelligence, growth mindset and actionable learning.  This innovative program puts participant development to work in your operating environment, customized for your strategic vision and values.

About the Program’s Creator

The Clariti Leadership program for New Managers is developed and lead by EQi 2.0 Certified Integral Master Coach, Carleen Hicks. Her experience includes leadership coaching, EQ-i 2.0 & EQ-i 360 leadership assessments, career transition coaching, group training and facilitation, speaking engagements, strategic and operational HR, change management, employee engagement, talent management life cycle, compensation and benefits, and compliance.

More information on the Leadership Clariti program coming in summer/fall 2021!

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