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Maintain a Healthy Workplace

When there is a complaint in the workplace – regardless of the issue – a prompt, fair and thorough workplace investigation can allow an organization to move forward with certainty, minimize any liability, and can assist in identifying and implementing any proactive steps or measures to prevent a reoccurrence.

One-on-One Professional Consultation at Clariti Group

Workplace Investigation

Consider Clariti’s workplace investigation services when you have challenges such as:

  • Allegations of cause and inappropriate employee behavior
  • Anonymous complaints
  • Bullying and psychological harassment
  • Hostile work environment
  • Policy breaches
  • Racial harassment and workplace discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Statutory violations
  • Workplace health and safety incidents

We can provide thoroughly trained and experienced investigators and a comprehensive written report for each investigation. Please refer to the principles to that guide our conduct during workplace investigations, including scope, communication, confidentiality, and more.

Actionable Conversations with Team Members in Ottawa, ON

Restoration Services

Rebuilding and restoring the workplace after an investigation is an important step in maintaining a cohesive culture. We offer coaching, mediation and conflict resolution, workplace harassment training, and team-building sessions that can help your team move forward – together – with confidence.

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