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Creating More Awareness Around the Impact of Menopause

According to the Menopause Foundation of Canada, 1 in 10 women will leave the workforce because of their menopause symptoms. In addition to dealing with the reality of ageism, 75% of working women feel their employer is not supportive or does not know if they have support to help them manage this stage of life. (Source: The Silence and the Stigma: Menopause in Canada, Oct 2022)

As an organization, it’s important to recognize the unique challenges and experiences that women may face during the menopause transition while juggling their professional responsibilities.

Clariti can help you change the conversation around menopause in the workplace, helping you become an inclusive Menopause Experts Approved organization. Our interactive and informative workshops facilitated by experienced professionals create a safe and inclusive space for participants to share their experiences, ask questions, and learn from one another, providing a platform for open discussions and education around menopause-related topics. We offer a range of engaging workshops that can be run individually or combined for more in-depth learning:

  • Menopause at Work
  • Health & Menopause
  • Psychology & Menopause
  • Food & Menopause

Fostering an age and gender-inclusive workplace is a critical part of your diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy AND your talent strategy! We can support your organization and employees in navigating this important life stage with knowledge, understanding, and empathy.


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