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Actionable Conversations™ is a new approach to workplace learning & development. Here’s how it works: A group conversation (approximately 60 minutes) is led by someone on your team (not an external facilitator). We give the “Conversation Host” all the tools they need in order to guide their team through a robust conversation. It’s done offline and it’s low (no) tech – just a conversation between human beings that work together which builds stronger relationships and has a marvelous impact on team culture. It also gives the Conversation Host the opportunity to build their own credibility and ability to lead group conversations.

After the Conversation, technology kicks in using the Habit Builder™. Each conversation participant enters a commitment into the Habit Builder software platform. On a daily basis, the platform will send them a text or email to ask them to check in on how they’re doing with that commitment. We can then provide data insights that allow your organization to objectively see the people that are really committed to their work, and overlay these data points over on top of organizational metrics like productivity, performance, absenteeism, turnover, etc.

It’s a very simple program that works well throughout all levels of an organization! Check out the explainer video below:

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