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Supporting Organizations Canada-Wide

Our mission is simple: to help organizations create great workplaces across Ontario and the rest of Canada, including Ottawa, Montreal, Kingston, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver & More.
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Our Services

Employee Transition & Outplacement

Transitioning an employee outside of the company and back into the job market is a sensitive journey. Your management must select which positions are no longer essential to the company’s success, reposition any affected employees into new internal roles (if possible), then make final outplacement decisions. Clariti Group provides a full suite of transition and outplacement services and supports solutions to make that process easier. Through effective methods like individualized career transitioning, personal branding guidance, interviewing skill development, and group coaching sessions, your managers and employees will be better equipped to proceed successfully through the outplacement process.

Leadership & Team Development

Ongoing employee learning and team development build the leaders of tomorrow. Clariti Group can augment your leader-building efforts through one-on-one leadership team development and coaching, facilitated workshops, Actionable Conversations, and more. Working alongside our specialists, your management will learn emotional intelligence and expert conflict management strategies. They will undergo thorough, continuous leadership assessments and habit-building exercises to procure the skill and understanding they need to lead your company into the 21st-century success.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Services

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training hold definite value for your organization. With services from the Clariti Group, you can harness this value and provide a customized DEI program that benefits both your employees and your management. Together, we can establish a baseline measurement of your company’s progress over time and build a successful DEI roadmap. Using targeted surveys, interviews, and focus groups, we gather DEI demographic data at all levels, helping to reveal blind spots and strengths and properly address them. Our reporting includes key recommendations and opportunities to co-create a DEI roadmap that can assist your organization in communicating your mission, vision, values, and commitment to DEI. Our DEI training can combine Zoom-based workshops, self-directed learning, and facilitated follow-up discussion groups to address various issues of bias and perception.

Workplace Investigations & Restoration

When your productivity suffers due to complaints in the workplace, it takes a prompt, fair, complete investigation to get things back on track. The Clariti Group can help you navigate these scenarios, with the help of your existing management teams, and find an optimal resolution that is best for all involved. Our company also provides helpful, supplemental services such as direct mediation, conflict coaching, and effective team building to help you restore and rebuild your workplace in full.

Contact Clariti Group for Professional Employer Services

As an employer, you have to be ready when the world of business changes. Unforeseen events, employee complaints, investigations, and changes in personnel can disrupt your commercial process and cost you money and time. Avoid the risk and take a proactive approach to leadership with expert employer support and services from the Clariti Group. We help businesses Canada-wide create the ideal workplaces they need for perpetual success. Contact us today to get started with your personalized consultation.

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